Friday, October 16, 2009

'The Lakshmi Couture'

As the Trendistas Lit up... Colors of the Lamps! let me bring in 'Tradition in a creative vision - Goddess Lakshmi' The simplicity of Goddess Lakshmi wins draped in a PINK sari with FLORAL patterned motifs worn with a GREEN blouse, adorned with YELLOW GOLD ornaments that sparkle to SHINE.The array of lamps in their flame of YELLOW and ORANGE surround her brightening the colors worn. The Goddess delicate FLESH-TONE for a new feminine level. Bathing herself in harmonies of OM GOLD, SHANTI BEIGE, GULABI PINK. The PINK / PURPLE pallete of the lotus, a symbolic color of purity and luxury.

Fabrics are glossy, feminine and luxurious with folds and drapes. Jewels become an integral part of the fabric. All trends of 2010/011' - 'The Lakshmi Couture' - The Fashion Goddess with LUXURY at its best. Its the season of Color and Decoration - We are returning to tradition and things that are timeless and lasting. With meditative potential and imagination outlets, there is a trend to come together to pray, embrace authenticity and traditional unique cultures to renew a sense of optimism as we search for what makes life so special. As we all share one common value - Back to the roots - Authenticity.

Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year with the Goddess bestowing on us the Fashion energy to drive economic trends.

Lamps of Trends,
Harilein Sabarwal

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