Saturday, October 24, 2009

Think 'Trend India'

TRENDFORECASTING AND INDIA is a question mark for many a fashion people.All the fashion people who refer to Trends from Milan / Paris / London / New York catwalks or Forecast subscriptions realize at some point of time that those Trends are not for the Indian Market.
How can they be?
A: Our consumer market & lifestyle is different.Consumer profile - Demographic, Psychographic is Indian.
B: The European Trends that we refer to our based on their fashion seasons - Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter - 4 seasons.
C: The Amercian Trends that we refer to our based on their fashion seasons - Spring / Summer / Back to School / Fall / Winter / Holiday - 6 seasons.
D: The Indian seasons - Firstly, we do not have Spring and Fall, Winter is only in the North of India wherein the places that we have heavy snowfall are the least fashionable destinations they are tourist spots.How can we use the European / American Trends of Spring / Fall and where do we use them?
Winter is our Great Indian Wedding Season - Do we want to and can incorporate the Winter Trends of America / Europe in our colourful, over decorated wedding season??? We even have a Holiday / Exam / Monsoon Season - Do we shop new trendy clothes at this season? NO! everything is on sale in these months. India has its own Fashion Economic Seasons:Festivals - September, October, November, December Weddings - January, February, March, April Slack - May, June, July, August So how do we incorporate International 'Seasonal' Trend predictions for Indian fashion economic seasons...What you think we can or we can not...Brands like Raymonds, Siyarams, Provogue Retailers like Pantaloon, Shoppers Stopare In sync with the International Trends, so have Mango, Esprit, Bhs understood the Indian consumer & seasons.Yes, we can but How is the question?If I have caused you to THINK. My work is done here.THINK TREND

Harilein Sabarwal


  1. Yesss!Am gld that finally someone has penned this thought down. This has always been on my mind that how & why is Indian fashion dictated by the International fashion hubs. And in fact Fall and spring have never been able to convince me when it came to implementation in our culture which is dominated by followers rather than creators. In the name of inspiration , yes i think we need to burrow some knowledge from the mecca of fashion, however it's high time that Indian fashion should be crafted as per Indian, economic and festive trends. You made me think!

  2. true...this is the key for the initial thinking for the unique INDIA.